Adorable 4-Year-Old Boy Explains Why He Never Wants To Get Married

Marriage is a lot of hard work. And definitely not for everyone. It’s made up of compromises, and commitment, and intimacy that can, at times, feel uncomfortable. And this 4-year-old has decided all of that is NOT for him. While eating pizza with his dad and brother, this little guy got into a discussion of why he never wants to get married. Never. For one? It’s scary. Which is true. Marriage is a life spent with another person, during all the good and the bad. I can see how that might be scary to some. But his main reason for not wanting to get married? There’s kissing. And he does NOT want to kiss. But his reason for not wanting to kiss is the cutest thing you’ll ever hear. Seriously, take a look!

I get it, kid! I once thought I’d really hate that kind of kissing, too. I vowed to never do it. But it turns out it’s not so bad. And while you may not be ready for it yet, I’m guessing in a few years you might change your mind…

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