I have to admit that I watched this video like 3 times to even believe it…WHAT IS HAPPENING???

And I am no fan of snakes which makes this even harder to believe.

The cobra.

Girl catches cobra coming toward her on grass video - Kids activities blog
Oh cobra, do you need to be able to move so quickly?

A girl sitting on a sunny day on a blanket…

In a moment of absolute bravery, or sheer stupidity, this South African girl sees a cobra come charging toward her, reaches out, and catches it mid flight!

When she was a younger girl, this woman would go snake catching with her brothers. Even then she showed no fear about catching often deadly snakes, and releasing them again.

Still, after a day of sunning and hanging out with her brothers by the pond, the last thing this girl could have imagined was a cobra flying toward her.

Turns out, the cobra was attached to a fishing string, and her brothers were simply trying to play a prank on her. Take a look!

Girl Catches Cobra Video

Talk about lightening reflexes!

I’m sure her siblings were expecting a scream, but instead they saw that not only does she not backdown, she’s unflappable in the face of danger.

Maybe instead of a prank, they should nominate her to be their town’s superhero. 


I have to admit when I set about to find related posts on Kids Activities Blog that relate to snakes, I was afraid we didn’t have any…did I mention I am not a huge fan of snakes?  But surprisingly, there are some really cute snakes around and we have them.  No danger involved!

See, I told you.  We are way snake-ier here at Kids Activities Blog than I ever expected!  Oh, and if you really like snakes, then check out the video of the guy you want to meet.

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