I have a friend who raises maine coon kitties, and every time I go to her house I am shocked at how big they are, or, in the case of her one kitty, how big they’re getting. See, I’ve got plain ol’, run of the mill feral kittens that I found on the side of the road. I LOVE my kitties, but they were never going to be very big. As it is, one has shocked me by topping out at 12 pounds, but I think part of that is her love of eating ALL the food. I truly couldn’t imagine what it must be like to raise a cat as big as the one in this video. Take a look!

Can you imagine a cat who is 30 pounds and almost four feet long? Seriously, I can not. That cat is bigger than all of my cats combined, and longer than at least two of my dogs. What a giant baby! And from the looks of things, totally and completely spoiled, too. As he should be.

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