Kittens are the best. Their playful nature reminds us just how amazing life can be, and is there anything sweeter than a little ball of fluff curled into your arms to sleep? No. No there is not. Kittens are awesome, but they are also holy living terrors. Between the sharp teeth and the razor claws, it’s surprising any of us survive kittenhood. When my two were little, there were times I would wear two or three pair of pants at the same time just to give my legs a rest. And those teeth? I’m pretty sure nothing on earth needs teeth that sharp…it’s like when God was creating them he said, “I’m going to make something as soft as a cotton ball. And then put razor wire on its paws and in its mouth.” I totally feel for the person in this video. Take a look!

Thankfully, this human has a rescuer who is willing to tell kitty NO and make sure those teeth and claws are put away. For a while at least. And my suggestion? Extra pants.

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