Disney park’s Gaston is a park favorite for good reason. Not only is he the most amazing man around (his words, not mine), but he’s probably the only place in the park where you can go and be insulted, and leave feeling like a winner. And while he might seem all bluster, turns out Gaston really does have some moves to backup his claims. Something this park visitor learned first hand. When he decided to challenge Gaston as ‘strongest in the land’, Gaston didn’t back down. The contest? Pushups. And while there are a lot of things Gaston can’t do (win the girl, kill the beast), the man can do a mean pushup! Take a look!

It didn’t take long to show Gaston as the clear leader in this contest. From the word ‘go’, he practically flew up and down doing his pushups, the ‘challenger’ struggling to keep up. And since Gaston is all about adding insult to injury, he quickly offers, “Looks like he’s struggling, maybe I should offer a hand…” and proceeds to do one handed pushups for the rest of the time. Well played, Gaston. Well played.

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