My daughter’s first pet was a betta she named Rex.

He was red and blue and would follow her finger when she traced it on his bowl.

Rex was so loved and so well taken care of that when he passed away my daughter couldn’t bear the thought of flushing him.

We ended up placing him in a match box and holding a burial ceremony in our backyard.

Betta Fish video - Kids Activities blog fb - group of betta fish
How can fish be so beautiful?

Something that always stumped me, though, is how Rex even came to be.

How any betta’s come to be, for that matter.

For one, we know that they’re fairly aggressive fish. They can’t share a bowl.

For another, unless there are fishy breeders out theer doing some sort of manipulation it seems that somehow these fish have to figure out how to get along.

And then I found this.

This beautifully shot video shows the mating, hatching, and life cycle of betta – and it’s actually pretty cool!

Take a look!

Betta Fish Mating Video

I was a little worried when the video first started and I saw the girl fish upside down like that, but after that I couldn’t look away.

I can’t wait to show this video to my kids and, who knows, maybe we’ll adopt another ‘Rex’ sometime soon.


Did you know this about the betta fish?

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