Textile Crafts: Fabric, Ribbon, Yarn and More

Crafting with scraps of fabric, yarn, ribbon, and beads is one of my favorite past times.  We have a whole bin (alright, two bins) full of different odds and ends that the kids and I use to in creating textile art. I love finding inspiration for future projects.

Another week of Playtime: Textile Art.

This week’s It’s Playtime feature “theme” was inspired by the Tapestry Table over at Kleas.  Those kiddos teamed up together with gardening burlap and bits of yarn to collaborate and create.  Love it!

In the blog, Make + Believe, kids had fun creating three dimensional art using beads, pipecleaners and other bits from their craft bins.

Miss Jessi understands children, or at least mine – my girls love to spin and twirl.  On Getting Messy with Ms Jessi, the kids cranked up the music and had fun dancing and twirling with a collection of ribbons.


Dreaming of textiles

Other recent submissions featuring textiles or crafting with fabric, ribbon and yarn included:

Homemade Beanbags – a collection by Mummy Musings and Mayhem

Yarn Balloon Hearts were made by the kids at Mommy Labs, as part of a lesson on how the heart works.

Textile Treasure Basket – for tots to explore and play pretend with was created by Paint on the Ceiling.

A collection of knitted rainbow gnomes were assembled by the kids over at Happy Whimsical Hearts.

Textures and Fabric

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