This weaving craft is such a fun kids arts and crafts idea! Hula hoop weaving is great for kids of all ages: preschoolers, kindergarteners, and other elementary aged kids. You can use this weaving craft to make beautiful art for your playroom or bedroom. This weaving craft is great for at home or you could do a smaller version in the classroom.

fabric kids craft- weaving craft for kids- kids activities blog- girl looking at weaving craft on hula hoop with string and fabric
Look how great this weaving craft looks! The pop of color is perfect!

Weaving Craft For Kids

Weaving is such a great skill and often times forgotten, plus, it’s fun and easy to do. This weaving craft is not only fun, but great fine motor skill practice as well.

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And it’s a great way to use a hula hoop that isn’t used anymore, string, and scrap cloth making this a budget-friendly craft.

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Supplies Needed For This Weaving Craft For Kids

How To Do This Kids Weaving Craft

weaving activity for kids- kids activities blog- girl wrapped string around hula hook and using fabric and ribbon to tie around the string- cutting fabric- two girls working on a craft
I love that both of my girls worked so hard on this weaving craft together.

Step 1

The girls wrapped yarn randomly around the center of the circle.

Step 2

They found some old torn dress up clothes, bits of yarn and ribbon and began cutting strips of fabric.

Step 3

Time for lots of knotting, twisting, weaving and debating the placement of various scraps.

They were hard at work. Creating. Together.

I love watching these “best sisters” in their mode!

Your kids can have just as much fun. All you need is a pile of scraps and a place to be them. The kids will do the rest, and they will be super proud to put their finished product up on their walls!

Our Experience and Inspiration With This Weaving Craft For Kids

weaving activity for kids- kids activities blog- girl wrapped string around hula hook and using fabric and ribbon to tie around the string
Use any extra fabric and ribbon you have available.

Activities can be thoughtful, open-ended and playful all in one.  I love the latest book by Jean Van’t Hul. She is the author of the previously published book The Artful Parent, and the genius behind the Artful Parent blog with the same name (Psst… You can read our interview with her for that book).

Throughout her book she details a variety of activities, crafts and foods that your kids can enjoy together – year round!

My girls just loved browsing through the activities.  We love how she incorporates such a wide variety of items and inspiration into her book. There were at least a half dozen activities that the girls asked if they could *Do. Right. Now.*

We settled on repurposing a bent hula hoop into a woven work of art. This was part of her spring loom activity. Her girls made a frame and wove strips of fabric around and through the frame. One of the suggested variations was to craft with a hula hoop. We had one!

Artful Kids Weaving Craft

fabric kids craft

This colorful weaving craft is fun and great fine motor skills practice. Perfect for kids of all ages!


  • Hula Hoop
  • Glitter Glue
  • String or Yarn
  • Fabric Scraps
  • Scissors


  1. Wrap string around the hula hoop around and across a hula hoop. Wrap it around the hoop twice to get it to stay in place.
  2. Cut up strips of fabric and ribbon.
  3. Tie them around the yarn or string on the hula hoop.

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How did your weaving craft turn out?

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  1. How did you get this hula hoop loom to work? The string keeps sliding on the hoop and getting loose! Would love tips, thank you!