11 {Adorable} Penguin Activities

Penguin activities are a fun way to learn all about this amazing flightless bird.  It’s fun to take time to learn about all of the different animals on our planet, but for today, we are just focusing on one.  Plus, they’re really cute!

We found so many fun penguin activities in our It’s Playtime! link-up.  Check them out!

11 {Adorable} Penguin Activities

11 {Adorable} Penguin Activities

1.  Use an empty coffee creamer container for a recycled valentine penguin.  Perfect for Valentine’s day or anytime.

2.  This penguin footprint art is so cute!  Just dab your little one’s foot into some black paint and fill in the rest with a marker and a construction paper nose.

3.  This penguin eco craft is made from a recycled box of your choice and a little creativity from Amanda over at The Educator’s Spin on It!

4.  Make a delicious penguin lunch for the family!  Everything here looks just like a penguin, even the peanut butter cup!

5.  Read the children’s book Mr. Popper’s Penguins and then watch the movie together.  It’s so much fun watching words come alive on screen!

6.  These cute painted rocks look just like little penguins.  Paint several of them and make a whole penguin family.

7.  This craft is super easy!  These penguin craft sticks would make a great boredom buster for a preschooler.

8.  Here’s a whole lesson plan based around the letter P and penguins!  This features printables, activities and crafts all based around this animal.

9.  Play this fun game called Free the Penguins by simply submerging some penguin figurines in jello and letting your kiddos dig them out!

10.  Make a circle penguin with nothing but – you guessed it – circles!  Cut 10 circles out of construction paper and piece them together to form a penguin.

11.  Keep it simple by downloading this free penguin coloring page!  This also comes with a few other cute printables.

12.  {BONUS}  Check out Let’s Play Music for the 5 Little Penguins Winter Counting Song with free puppet printable…oh so cute!

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