DIY Laurel wreath headpiece using just pipe cleaners and felt to celebrate the Olympic games. A kotinos or laurel wreath is given as a prize to a winner in the ancient Olympic Games and it was a horseshoe shape. It was placed on the winner’s head to celebrate their victory.

The summer Olympics is just around the corner and we thought this was the perfect Olympic craft for kids to get everyone into the olympic spirit.

collage of DIY laureal wreath and toddler wearing the wreath as crown

The laurel wreath was used by the Ancient Greeks. The laurel wreath was a symbol of Apollo and the leaf itself was believed to have spiritual and physical cleansing abilities. Ancient Greeks awarded laurel wreaths to victors in the Olympics and poetic competitions. Laurel wreaths were worn on either the head or neck.

Ancient Symbols

Today we have two ways to make this simple Olympic craft – a felt laurel wreath.  Let’s get crafting!

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How to Make a Felt Laurel Wreath

supplies for making DIY laurel crown headpiece

Supplies Needed

 Directions to Make a Laurel Wreath Headpiece

Leaf template traced on green felt to make diy greek crown

Step 1

Draw a leaf shape with a flat base(as shown above) on normal paper and cut it out to use it as a template. Trace the outline on green felt using a white marker and cut out the leaves using scissors.

fold the base and make two slits vertically to attach the leaves for laurel crown

Step 2

Fold the base of the leaf around 1/4″ and make two vertical slits. Repeat this for all the felt leaves.

collage of closeup shots of slits and how to string them onto the pipe cleaner

Step 3

Pass the pipe cleaner into the slits as shown in the picture. Repeat the process to string all the leaves. Alternate various shades of green or make a pattern of dark and light green leaves to finish the DIY laurel wreath crown.

Step 4

For easy understanding, I have shown you using beige color pipe cleaner but I switched to green pipe cleaner later. You can also pinch the leaves at the base and glue it to stay that way if you like that look.

use wavy scissors to give wavy edges to the leaves for making laurel crown diy

Tip: You can also use wavy scissors to give more texture to the Laurel crown.

Laurel wreath crown using pipe cleaners and felt

Finished Laurel Crown Craft

Once you attach all the leaves to the pipe cleaner, this is how it looks. Fold the sharp edges of the pipe cleaner on both sides.  This is enough to cover half of the head and you can use bobby pins or hair clips to hold the wreath onto your child’s head. But if you want to avoid that, keep reading how to make another version of the DIY laurel crown headpiece.

How to make the laurel crown – version 2

How to make laurel wreath diy with just pipe cleaners and felt

Repeat the same process as above using two pipe cleaners. Instead of folding the edge, add one leaf to it and bend it. Leave the other side as is by just folding the sharp edge. Join both the pipe cleaners at the base.

toddler wearing laurel wreath crown

While placing the crown on the head, twist the first leaves from both sides to form a circle and then place it on the toddler’s head to act as a Laurel greek crown.

How to make the modern Laurel wreath headpiece

laurel wreath crown headpiece diy

Loosely string the leaves onto the pipe cleaner to form the circle(I used two pipe cleaners here), adjust the headpiece according to the head size, and twist the remaining pipe cleaner onto the existing one. The modern version of DIY laurel crown is done.

Modern twist of circular wreath
Simple and easy circular Laurel wreath to celebrate the victory!
Yield: 1

DIY laurel wreath headpiece - Olympics crafts for kids

How to make laurel wreath diy with just pipe cleaners and felt

Make this DIY laurel wreath headpiece craft to learn about ancient olympic games and how the victory in those games where honored.


  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Green shades felt
  • Scissors
  • White marker


  1. Make a leaf template out of a paper. Leaf shape should have a flat base.
  2. Trace the template on to the green shades of felt using white marker for dark shades and any marker for lighter shades
  3. Cut the leaves using scissors. Make two vertical slits on each leaf.
  4. Insert the pipe cleaner into the slits to make the wreath.
  5. String as many leaves until your desired length is achieved.
  6. Use hair clips or bobby pins if needed to make the crown stay in place on youe child's head.


Which one of the versions of the DIY laurel wreath crown is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

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