6 Tips to Make Colored Rice Perfect for Your Fall Sensory Bin

A fall themed rice sensory bin is the perfect fun game for your children. It is fun to play with and encourages your child’s creative abilities and overall development. There are many other activities to engage your kids as well, like monthly subscription boxes for kids.

Sensory Bin for Kids

How to Color Rice

Here I have written down some easy steps as well as a 7 useful tips for making coloured rice for your fall sensory bin

Things you will need

White rice, liquid or gel food color, hand sanitizer, Mason jar, and cinnamon powder.
Recommended: You can use bags, but I prefer using a Mason jar in order to reduce waste.

Dye the rice

You can either use liquid or gel food color to dye your white rice. To mix and shake the food color smoothly with rice, we will use some hand sanitizer. If you don’t have hand sanitizer, you can use alcohol. Basically, you need a medium that will dilute the food coloring and spread it uniformly over the rice when you shake it.

1. Begin by adding a glob or a few drops of food color in the Mason jar.
2. Add a tablespoon of hand sanitizer.
3. Add some cups of rice.

Tip #1
If you’re using a gel based food color; first stick a chopstick in the middle of the jar to mix the gel and the hand sanitizer together. This will make sure the rice will dye uniformly.

Tip #2
Do not fill the jar up to the brim with rice as you will need some room for mixing. I just filled ¾ of the 1 litre jar with about 3 cups of rice.

Shake, shake and shake

Now this is the fun part! Cover the jar with its lid and shake it until the whole rice is completely coated with the food color.

Pour out the rice into a large bin (preferably one with a cover for easy storage) and let dry. Repeat the process with another color.

Tip #3
When using multiple colors, it’s best to start with the lightest color so that you don’t have to wash the jar each time you use another color.

Tip #4
You can turn the shaking process into a playful game for your kids. Make up a shaking song or dance all over the house as you shake!

Tip #5
Look for fall colors for inspiration. Reds and yellows from the leaves of the maple tree, brown from the leaves that have floated off the trees, orange from the pumpkins you’ll crave with your children…

Fall Sensory Bin for Kids

To Make Your Fall Themed Sensory Bin

1. Put the different colours of rice into a big tub.
2. Add different kinds of fall paraphernalia such as leaves, cinnamon sticks, kernels, pine cones, and little decorative pumpkins.

Tip #6
If your children are playing in the house with the rice, consider spreading a sheet under the bin so that it is easy for you to collect the spilled rice later.

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