Sensory bins  are a lot of fun.  They’re also wonderful tools to develop the senses and explore our fine motor skills.  Here are some really great  sensory bins that are perfect for your preschool aged child.  Learning through play is the best! These amazing bins come from our best blog feature, Crayon Freckles, we introduced you to this morning.  Be sure to go check her out!

8 Sensory Bins Perfect for Preschoolers

8 Sensory Bins Perfect for Preschoolers

1.  Board Game Bin  – All of your kids favorite board games in one fun sensory bin.  Grab pieces of different games and toss them all in!  Perfect for the games that are heading to the trash because of missing pieces. 2.  Earth Creation Bin  – Explore how the Earth was created.  Add new things for each stage. 3.  Firefighter Bin  – Use popcorn kernels as the base of this bin and add in firetrucks and cones.  For pretend fire, use red and yellow pom poms. 4.  Ocean Bin  – Explore the sea and learn about different animals that live there.  You can even pretend to fish! 5.  Pirate Bin  – Dig for treasure in this pirate bin.  Use pretend gold coins as treasure and wear an eye patch to play the part! 6.  Snow Bin  – Bring winter inside!  If your little one is dying for more time out in the snow, take a bowl and scoop it up and bring it inside.  Let them explore the snow without being in the cold. 7.  Valentine Bin  – Celebrate the holiday of love with pink and red dyed rice.  Add in heart stamps, erasers and red ribbons. 8.  Winter Bin  – Any small objects you have that are blue or purple can go in this bin to make a pretend ice wonderland.  Use your toy trucks to drive through. Thank you for sharing the fun, Crayon Freckles!

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