Painting with Chalk and Water

Today we are painting with chalk and water!  Simple ideas with things that use stuff we already have at home are our favorite activities here at Kids Activities Blog.

paint with chalk

Painting with Chalk

Art for toddlers is all about exploring new materials – discovering how they feel, how they can be used and how different materials react with each other.

This simple chalk and water activity will keep kids entertained as the discover how the water and chalk react together. It is very simple to put together and provides lots of opportunities for fine motor practice, sensory play and creativity.

Older kids will enjoy this activity just as much as toddlers so it’s a great one to try if you need something suitable for a mix of ages.

using chalk in art

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: (affiliate links)

exploring water and chalk

Let’s Paint!

Use the paintbrush or sponge to spread water all over the black paper.

This simple step is lots of fun, especially for toddlers. Even before the chalk hits the paper, kids will enjoy exploring the wet paper, the way it looks and feels, and the way it sticks to itself and the table.

Chalk and water art for toddlers

Once the page is wet, it’s time to start coloring. The chalk colors become so much brighter and intense on the wet paper.

The chalk glides across the wet page and leaves a lovely thick paste which is great for finger painting.  The bright colors are so appealing to toddlers and they may even try dipping the chalk directly into the water to see what happens. It’s all about exploration and discovery.

More Paint with Chalk Ideas

To extend the activity, why not try painting over the chalk marks with more painted water.

Alternatively, try doing this activity in reverse – draw with chalk on dry paper first, then paint over it with the water. What happens to the chalk? Does it disappear or turn brighter?

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