If you’re looking for ways to keep your kids entertained for summer, say no more.

Sometimes it’s the most simplest items that can keep kids busy for hours. Sidewalk chalk being one of them.


While just about every household has some random box of half used sidewalk chalk lying around, I can almost bet you don’t have any tie dye sidewalk chalk lying around, right?

Well, Crayola Tie Dye Sidewalk Chalk is here and it will make the grooviest artwork all over your yard!

Crayola Tie-dye chalk produces groovy color laydowns that are different every time! They are made with unique swirls of color in each stick.

These are perfect for adding far-out styles to your outdoor sidewalk creations.

Each box includes five specially shaped sticks that won’t roll away. The colors include:

  • Green Scene
  • Right-on Red
  • Flower Power
  • Groovy Bloovy
  • Purpy Purp

You can grab the Crayola Tie Dye Sidewalk on Amazon for just under $10 here.

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