The Pros and Cons of Parenting Failure

Hi, my name is LaShawn and I am a parenting failure…

Hi, LaShawn!

The amazing thing is…I am OK with my failures.

* Chase will be 3 years old in two months and has not even begun potty training.  He has no interest and runs the other way if you mention it.  At this rate Evan will be potty trained before Chase.

* Evan still nurses several times a night and sleeps with us from about midnight on.

* One of Evan’s favorite toys is a Cabbage Patch Doll.

* My older boys sometimes do not get in trouble for marks they receive at school.  The lovely part of parenting is I get to decide those types of things.

*When my boys laugh at each other over inappropriate usage of words such as “balls” or “nuts”, I laugh with them while telling them that isn’t appropriate dinner conversation.

* I sometimes forget to give my kids their vitamins.

* I even forgot Brodie’s antibiotic this morning.

* My kids had to wear dirty socks to school because I refused to go find all their socks to wash since they were not in the hamper.

I am totally OK with my failures, because I have learned something in the last nine years of parenting.  Want to know the secret?


Each of my kids have incredibly different personalities and different timetables for things.  So what if Chase isn’t potty trained?  I am the one who has to change his diapers…not some expert.  I refuse to FORCE a small child to do something he is clearly not ready for.  So what if Evan still nurses at night and sleeps with us?  I am getting enough sleep and he will be out of our bed sometime before he is ready for college.  I am no longer buying into the ridiculous notion that all kids need to do XYZ at the exact same age as all other kids.  Chase might not want to use the potty but he can already speak better than a lot of  4 year olds I know.

We are so worried about these little things that we forget the big things.  In all the time you were competing with the other moms over “milestones” did you ever once think about your child’s eternal milestones.  Does he know who Jesus is?  Does he know that God loves him even when his teacher gave him 2 marks that day?

So…there you have it.  I gladly join the ranks of the parental underachievers.  I will excuse the overachievers to go to their fifth extra curricular thing with their child of the week while my kids and I go make mud pies in the backyard.

Evan and his baby say…ENOUGH WITH THE INSANITY!

Enough MOM!

4 days later teeth whitening

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