Easy {and Fun} Catapult for Kids to Make

A catapult for kids to make is what we are featuring today!  What kid doesn’t want to launch something across the room? Build a catapult to develop this love even more.

Kids Activities Blog hopes your kids love this activity as much as our own do.

Launch Something: Build a Catapult!

Catapult for Kids to Make

Before building our craft stick catapult, I showed my 3 year old how to turn a spoon into a catapult. Simply press on the spoon end and the other end lifts up. You can’t make an easier catapult than that.

Supplies needed:

  • 7 craft sticks
  • 3 rubber bands
  • a milk cap
  • cotton balls {or other objects to launch}

I then showed him pictures of catapults from Google images. He wanted to build all of them, but he chose the craft stick catapult first. I couldn’t find the original source of the image. It looks like the original website no longer exists. So we just created our own version. Here’s how:

Kids can build a catapult and launch something fun while learning catapult science at the same time

Build a Catapult

  1. Stack 5 craft sticks together, and rubber band the ends.
  2. Stack 2 craft sticks together, and wrap a rubber band around the very end.
  3. Separate the 2 craft sticks. Place the stack of 5 craft sticks between the 2 craft sticks.
  4. Wrap a rubber band around all of the craft sticks to hold the catapult together.
  5. Glue a milk cap {or something similar} on to serve as a launching platform.
  6. Push down on the top craft stick and release to launch an object from the milk cap.

Kids love to launch something in the air - Build a catapult and learn about catapult science

Catapult Science

Now create a simple experiment using the catapult of your choice. Try one of these experiments.

  • Launch an object from the catapult multiple times and measure how far it travels each time.
  • Launch different objects from the catapult and measure how far each object travels.
  • Compare catapults. Build more than one catapult {the same or different design}. Launch the same object from each catapult and measure how far it travels.

Can you think of any other catapult experiments? Do you have a favorite catapult design?

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What a fun way to launch something in the air!  Kids can build a catapult AND learn about science at the same time.  For more kids activities involving launching things, you might be interested in these ideas:

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