Preschool Math: Learning With Dominoes

Preschool math activities are exploring the world paying attention to numbers. Kids Activities Blog is completely head-over-heels when these things can be done with stuff you already have at home. We just feel like life is too short to have to make another trip to the store.

preschool-math-learing-with-dominoes-collage-1 Digging around in a forgotten cupboard drawer, I found a dusty old box of dominoes. My preschooler had never seen dominoes before and I realized that even though she wasn’t ready to play the actual game, that didn’t mean she couldn’t use the tiles as a fun math learning tool.

Just taking each one out and counting how many she had in her pile was fun enough for her.

After a while, she discovered she could count the black dots and match up tiles with the same number of dots – both lying flat and standing upright.


We also snuck in some letter and shape building, to work on our fine motor and spatial skills.


The best thing about this activity was that we were able to use something we already owned and there was no prep time required.  Plus, we’re on our way to learning a new game!

Ideas for Introducing Preschool Math Concepts With Dominoes

  • Count the number of dots on each tile
  • Find matching tiles and stack them together
  • Line up tiles end to end by matching up the number of dots on each tile
  • Form stacks of a set number of tiles (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.)
  • Write numbers on pieces of paper and ask your preschooler to place the correct number of tiles on the corresponding piece of paper
  • Create shapes or letters with the tiles
  • Construct 3-dimensional shapes or towers with the dominoes

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