What is leap year… and Activities to Celebrate the day.

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What is a Leap Year?  That is the question my 9 year old asked me …and I did not know….

So let’s learn for a second, shall we? Let me summarize my 2 hours of research for all of us:

Every four years we have a Leap Year, which means we have a year with 366 days in it rather than the typical 365.  That day is February 29.  This is done so that the calendar year can keep up with the astronomical year. If we didn’t have this extra day built in every four years, our seasons would slowly change. Can you imagine having to wear a winter coat during a July snowstorm?  Neither can we!

This Wednesday is Leap Year Day!!  And being that it is a day that only comes around once every four years, we are going to celebrate it in style.

When is leap year

Knowing this is a special day, we are planning to have some special fun in observance of it!

Plan a Leap Year Party, any reason to celebrate, right? Plan a special evening to make this ordinary Wednesday really stand out.  Have a fun meal the whole family loves – order Chinese take-out, make a homemade pizza, or have Brinner (our super name for “breakfast for dinner”).

Discuss Leap Year over dinner.  Talk about being born on February 29th – how would you feel having your “real” birthday every four years? How do you think they celebrate? Put on your thinking caps and figure out how many Leap Years old you are!

Happy Birthday Cake

Bake a Birthday Cake and sing Happy Birthday to all the people who are born on Leap Day.  Do you know someone who was?  Call them up and sing to them live!

Would you like to dance? Did you know that in Ireland on February 29th, women were allowed to ask men for their hand in marriage? And a man was fined if he refused! Celebrate this fun tradition by putting on some music and having the girls ask the guys to dance!

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