Game night can be a great way to bring families together! Since we’ve already talked about fun outdoor games for families, today we are bringing you the  best board games  for family game night! These are games specifically for 10+ if  you have young kids, you might want to check out this list of awesome board games for preschoolers! Games for family night Board games for family game night Cranium – I really love this game because there is something for everyone! You have to sculpt, answer questions, act, draw with your eyes closed and more! It is a lively game, you definitely won’t get bored! Pandemic – This game is quite different because every one works together to beat the game. No more competing against one another, instead you have to find the best ways to play to one another’s strengths to save the world from virus outbreaks. Awesome concept and it’s really fun to work together for a change! Richochet Robots – This one is has simple rules, but takes a lot of thinking! Robots bounce off of walls and must make it to their assigned place on the board. The person who is able to get the robot there fastest (fewest moves) wins the round.  The Settlers of Catan    – The game board changes each time you play, so that makes this game more fun each time you play it! It doesn’t get predictable because things can be so different every time! You are settlers building your homes and roads and trading goods. Super fun! Clue – This one is a classic, but still one of my favorites. See who can solve the murder mystery first! Travel from room to room making acusasions and crossing off suspects! Agricola – Build warring farms, and feed your family! This game is simple to understand but takes some intense strategy. Definitely better for older kiddos! family game night ideas Board-less games for family night Carcassone – This is a tile laying game, similar in theme to Settlers of Catan, but game play is unique. Each turn you draw and lay a tile, together building a map of the area. Claiming roads, farms, cities and cloisters as you go, collecting points and blocking your opponent. This one gets more strategic the longer you play which makes is fun to play repeatedly as well. (There is also an awesome app in the app store that allows you to play against your friends online) Pass the pigs – This one involves pig shaped dice. Could there be a better option for a game? Roll the pigs, try to get the highest score and then pass them along to your opponents. Pure awesomeness. Bananagrams – Also sometimes called speed scrabble this one is fast moving and really fun because you make your own scrabble “board” out of your own tiles. One of my faves! Jenga – This one is a classic, but so fun! Build the tower, don’t knock it over. Easier said than done! Mexican Train Dominoes – One of my favorite ways to play dominoes! Up to eight people can play this at once, so this is an awesome one if you have a larger family! Scattergories – Every one is given a paper and 10 question/categories. A letter is selected by rolling an alphabet die, and then each person must fill in their blanks with a word that starts with the letter selected. Words must be unique, no points if another player put the same word! Ridiculously fun. (I’m terrible at this game, but it is still one of my favorites) Tenzi – I haven’t tried this one yet, but it looks fun and I’m probably getting it for my husband’s stocking (shhh don’t tell!) Neat dice game with lots of different colored dice and ways to play. Seems fun! family card games Unique card games for family game night Race for the Galaxy – If you are looking for an intensely strategic game, this is the one for you! With your cards you settle worlds in the galaxy, build developments and even conquer alien worlds. This one has a bit of a learning curve, but it is worth taking the time to figure out. We’re obsessed! Phase 10 – Such a fun card game, I enjoy this one as a family game because even if you are so far behind that you know you are goign to lose, you can still keep participating in a fun way (unlike so many games where once you know you’ve lost the game is no longer fun). Each phase is different so it keeps you on your toes and keeps your mind challenged. So fun! Fluxx – Equal parts frustrating and hilarious, this game is always awesome. The rules and even the goal of the game are constantly changing, which means it can take three minutes to win the game or much longer!  This game will keep you laughing! Dominion – The box might look intimidating but this is a really fun game! There are lots of expansions to keep it going and you change things up every time you play! It’s similar in play to the popular game “magic” but no cards cost thousands of dollars Taboo – This is one that will be sure to get your family laughing! You break up into teams and take turns trying to get your teammates to guess the key word on your card. The catch is, there is a list of words you can’t use as you describe the key word. It’s harder than you might think and can get hilariously competitive! Set – This one is great because players can jump in and out of the game at will. Perfect for large family gatherings!!! Find patterns and sets of cards from the ones laid out of the table. Quiddler – Use your cards to make words in your hands! I love that this one can be educational as kids learn to spell new words, but keeps things fun for older players as well! Killer Bunnies – Strange and sometimes mutant or robotic bunnies, collect carrots, let them attack each other. Do I really need to say more? Pit – Hilarious game of trading with a little bit of bluffing. This one gets loud as players try to make deals – all at the same time! The more people the more fun this game becomes! Apples to Apples – This one is best for big gatherings take turns reading off cards and then submitting your cards to the reader, hoping the reader chooses yours. Hard to explain, super easy to play! More Fun and Games From Kids Activities Blog Watch this video of human dominoes topple over! Do you have a favorite family board game? Share on our Facebook page! If you are looking for  two player board games check out the list we’ve made there!

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  1. I’m not familiar with most of the games on this list, so thanks for sharing. Apples to Apples is a favorite in our house.