Learning the letter F! Letter F learning Resources, alphabet recognition, phonics, activities and crafts for preschoolers. Learn to read, write and have fun with the letter F.

Let’s learn the letter F!

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Yay for the Letter F!

If you are looking for fun and engaging ideas to teach the letter F to your little ones, you have come to the right place!

Learning individual letters is very important for preschoolers and kindergarteners. The alphabet is the foundation of good reading skills, spelling, and pretty much everything in a school setting!

That’s why we have compiled a list of activities, crafts, worksheets, and games for your activities for preschoolers at home. You can also check out these study techniques for kids if you are trying to switch up your kids’ routine.

Now that we are ready, here we go!

Letter F Song

The letter F plays an important part in the alphabet called a consonant. To understand better what sounds the letter b can make, here is the Letter F song.

Letter F Lesson Plan

  • Before we get started, ask your kid to name some words they know that begin with F.
  • F is for forest, firefly, and fox! There are so many words that start with the letter F. What other words can you think of? Make a list of animals that start with the letter F!
  • Fresno, California, Florence, Italy. What other places that start with F do you know? Can you point them on a map? Tip: Learn States and Capitals games if you need ideas!

Letter F Crafts to Teach

preschool letter f paper and feather craft - f is for fox - more craft and activity ideas found at Kid's Activities Blog
kids can Improve motor skills, express creativity, and learn the alphabet while making crafts

Let’s learn the letter F with a fun craft. If your kid likes fluffy animals, they will love making this adorable fox craft.Crafts are a great way to keep your children engaged with learning (they won’t even know they are learning!) This F is for Fox craft is so simple to set it up. You only need range and white construction paper, googly eyes, an orange feather, and one black pom-pom.

But don’t stop there. Try this Craft Letter F and a dozen more activities to learn the letter F. Let your little one make a cute flower, an American flag, an adorable frog, and more crafts with words that start with the letter F!

Craft Letter F - Kindergarten and preschool age alphabet craft selection like F is for flag, frog, flower, fire, and feather - more craft and activity ideas found at Kid's Activities Blog
Let’s make some fun F letter activities! Crafts are hands-on activities that make learning entertaining, and the best part is that your kid can make them with items you already own!

Favorite Preschool Letter F Crafts

Preschool Letter F Printables

Worksheets that Feature the Letter F

  • F is for flower! This free printable Letter F simple worksheet will help your kid practice handwriting uppercase and lowercase letter F.
  • F is for FUN, F is for FANTASTIC, like our worksheets! Even if the alphabet is better learned with games, there’s a point where your youngster needs to practice their handwriting.
  • Check out this Letter F Worksheet which includes uppercase and lowercase tracing pages, coloring sheets, and phonics activities to teach students the sounds of words that begin with Letter F.

Coloring Pages of things that start with F

More Alphabet Resources:

Here are TONS of more kids activities to help your little ones improve their handwriting skills.

If your kid is an artist, maybe try these Color the letters worksheets? They are a fun way to learn numbers and the alphabet. These worksheets are also the perfect way to review everything your kid has learned the past few weeks.

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