I’m always a little concerned when I’ve had to go under the knife, because I never know how I’ll react when I come out. So far, I’ve been fortunate and fairly lucid and not said or done anything too embarrassing. Not the case for a lot of people. Remember the girl whose brothers convinced her a zombie apocalypse had taken place while she had her wisdom teeth removed? Yeah, I’m guessing she wished she’d had someone other than her brothers pick her up from the dentist. Well, with the man in this video, he wakes up and has a very unexpected reaction to the woman in the room with her. She is, after all, the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen before. Which is saying a lot, considering she’s his wife. Take a look!

Personally, I’d LOVE to have been his wife in that instance. Can you imagine that kind of reaction? I mean, we Know our spouses love us, but to have them see us as a stranger and react like this? Wow. Amazing. And I’m totes jealous. But also super happy for them. What an Adorable hubster…I hope they live a long and very happy life together!

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