Anyone who is nail-obsessed knows what a pain in the booty glitter polish is. It never goes on right and it NEVER EVER comes off right. Well, the problem may be that we’ve been doing it wrong. Truly! Unlike other colors that come out of the jar ready to apply, glitter has to be put on a little differently. The good news is, Kelli Marissa is here to show us exactly what that right way is. And the better news? It’s not nearly as hard as you think! Take a look! With the holidays coming up, glitter is going to be all the rage again, so this is definitely the best time to start practicing your technique. My advice? Practice a lot. This looks easier, but easier doesn’t always mean truly easy. So don’t wait until the night before a party to figure it out, work on it now and show up styling! As for taking it off? Well, you’re still on your own.

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