Babies are adorable, and so so curious. They are born as these blank slates ready to be filled and every single thing is a new experience for them. From learning how to hold a spoon, and learning how to talk, to learning how to put their clothes on, littles are constantly exploring their world. This little guy is no exception. He decided to put on a boot, but how does one do that? It’s not like there’s some baby guide to putting on boots out there for him. And thus is born one of the funnest baby videos I’ve ever seen. You won’t believe how he actually tries to do it! Take a look!

More than anything I love how determined he is. He WILL get his foot into that boot. In any way he can. Which mean standing on his head and kicking his leg behind him, apparently. Honestly, though, I’ve had days like that. Days where it took everything in me just to accomplish one small task. Keep trying, kiddo! You’ll get there eventually!

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