Decoupage is a great way to showcase your kids artwork.   We have used decoupage to make a planter out of an old oatmeal tub, to decorate the cover of a journal, to make a boredom-buster die, as well as picture frames, cards and hand magnets.   Here are some simple decoupage instructions… You’ll need:
  • Clear glue
  • Water
  • Paintbrush
  • Art works
… First mix the glue and the water about 70% glue 30% water.   Paint a thick layer of the glue mixture on whatever it is that you want to affix the kiddos artwork to, wet the artwork with water, then press the artwork onto the surface.   Be sure to get all air bubbles out.   Then use more of the glue mixture to coat the top of the artwork.   If you want to add another paper ontop of the first for a layered effect, just repeat the process. IMG_2077

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