15 Finding Dory Hank the Septopus Crafts

We had to wait 13 years to meet Hank the Septopus…that’s a seven legged octopus…but its safe to say that this new Disney/Pixar character was a hit in Disney’s newest animated feature film masterpiece “Finding Dory.” Here are fifteen Hank crafts we are loving.

15 Finding Dory Hank the Septopus Crafts

Hank the Septopus Crafts

Kid Friendly Things to Do has a super easy orange hardware glove Hank.

Here’s Hank in hot dog form if you’re looking for a fun lunch time idea.

Karen at Desert Chica shows us how to make a construction paper Hank.

Get ahead on your child’s Hank Halloween costume with another fab D.I.Y. from Desert Chica.

15 Finding Dory Hank the Septopus Crafts

We think your kids will love this sensory bottle with Hank and all of his fishy “Finding Dory” friends at Sunshine and Hurricanes.

About a Mom has a genius idea for a Hank Glitter Globe.

Swap out orange craft paint for the pink and make our Paper Bag Octopus Craft.

Here’s Hank the shadow puppet fun from Adventure In a Box.

An empty paper towel or toilet paper roll can be easily transformed into Hank the septopus.

15 Finding Dory Hank the Septopus Crafts

Mrs. Kathy King shows us how to make Hank rice krispie treats.

Hank get’s stuck in Finding Dory Glitter Slime from A Pumpkin and a Princess.

The Simple Parent shows you how to make an easy Hank construction paper craft.

This Finding Dory Hank craft from Clementine County really “rocks”!

Easy Peasy and Fun has a super duper easy and fun Hank Paper Plate Craft.

Also at Easy Peasy and Fun are these super cute Hank Straw Toppers.


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  1. These are lovely ideas, thank you so much for posting!

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