My family loves summer, but sometimes it is hard to keep cool!  The Texas sun can get quite warm. We are excited to partner with Juicy Juice for this project.  We love the portability of Juicy Juice boxes & pouches in the summer.  Because Juicy Juice is 100% fruit juice, it is the perfect foundation for the fun cooling summer drink we are making today. Juicy Juice drink

Juice Ice Cubes

The first thing we did for our summer drink was make ice cubes!  By using the fruit juice instead of water to make the ice cubes, we can make ice that won’t dilute the final product while doubling as a frosty treat. juicy juice ice cubes We used the Juicy Juice pouch straw to help fill this fish-shaped ice cube tray.  My boys added blueberries and strawberries to some of the fish for a more colorful ice cube. We used two flavors to make ice cubes:  Juicy Juice Splashers Fruit Punch & Berry Lemonade. juicy juice fish ice cubes The ice cubes turned out really cute! Some of the blueberries were perfectly placed to be fish eyes.

Sparkling Juicy Juice

My kids love soda, but I would prefer they don’t get all that processed sugar. We made sparkling Juicy Juice by filling the glass 1/3rd the way with Juicy Juice.  My kids could choose their favorite flavors to customize their drink. juicy juice in the glass We filled the remaining space in the glass with sparkling water. juicy juice add sparkling water Then we added the Juicy Juice ice  fish. juicy juice cooling summer drink The kids chose if they wanted fruit garnishes – strawberries, blueberries, lemon slices and fresh mint.  We topped it off with a straw. juicy juice cooling drink for kids This simple recipe is refreshing and flavorful while being filled with really good stuff!  It is the perfect drink for the whole family at the next backyard picnic. Check out special offers from Juicy Juice right here!

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