Are your kids home from school and going batty?   Here are several of our favorite activities that were linked up to It’s Playtime over the past year.   Perfect to entertain and engage your kiddos during a long week off of school.   We are taking a break from Playtime this week to to enjoy our families – hope to see you back next week! . Kids days school break activities. After school activities include: . Make a puppet and put on a show.   Love this tutorial on how to make a puppet from Jellyfish Jelly.   Turn a table (or chair) on it’s side and you have the perfect stage for your show. Play with a bag of googly eyes.   Jaime of Hands on: As we grow made these bags out of hair gel and added googly eyes for her kids to smoosh and play with. Create a huge floor maze with masking tape.   Tape is fun for kids of all ages – thanks Adventures at Home for the inspiration Make modern art with matchbox cars.   Shannon of Tot School dribbled contrasting lines of paint on opposite sides of her   canvases and her girls had fun “driving” their cars through the paint. Have a playdough Tea-Party – Anna of The Imagination Tree has dozens and dozens of playdough ideas.   Her playdough recipes are some of my favorites! Make a water wall, or pour rice, even cornstarch if you don’t mind a mess.   Thanks Let the Children Play Do your kids love creating art?   How about make collages with supplies on hand – love the suggested materials from Kate at   Picklebums. . What are your kids favorite things to do when they are “on break”? . Be sure to save all your fun kids activities!!!   Our meme, It’s Playtime, will be back in full-force next week!  

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  1. depends to me wut season is coming up m season is easter so i paint and color bunnies,rabbits,and put easter deorations up

  2. If all else fails, you can always have a a good old fashioned tea party! Or if the weather’s bad, you can pile on the snow gear and go out for some snow day fun!