Moms are just tired. They are up early doing their mom thing and keep doing it well through the evening. Sometimes it means they get no time to themselves at all! Here are 9 easy ways you feel better in 10 seconds or less because – let’s face it – mamas are short on time. **this post has affiliate links  9 Things Moms Can Do to Feel Good As New

9 Things Moms Can Do to Feel Good As New

30 minutes. 30 whole uninterrupted minutes. That is how long she said it took her to carefully do her hair each morning. My teenage cousin wanted to be on top of her game for high school and was willing to get up extra early so she could actually “do” her hair, instead of just throw it up in a ponytail. I had to laugh. I laughed because, in this season of life raising small children, I have barely any time to myself. Much less 30 minutes I’d use to do my hair. But I had to admit. Her hair looked nice. She was put together and calm and seemed quite peaceful. These were a few things I most certainly did not have going for me. Not with a baby, toddler, and preschooler running around. Not only had I let some habits go I was used to, but I just felt a bit… Worn out Haggard Tired While I knew this season of life may be different than the ones before and after, and I’d eventually have that 30 minutes to do my hair if I wanted, (which I probably won’t), I longed for that sense of “staying well,” as the Italians put it. Here are 9 quick things you can do that will help you feel more like… well… you.

Wash Your Face

It’s amazing how good it feels to turn on some lukewarm water and wash your face. In the morning it gives you a nice glow and helps take away some of the “Did I really have to get out of bed?” look to your head. In the evening, it signals the day’s work is complete. wash face square

Put on Tinted Moisturizer

I’m sure the whole world had heard of this, but it was new to me. I certainly didn’t have the time nor inclination to spend 10 minutes putting on a full face of makeup, but a nice tinted moisturizer was just the ticket. A dime size drop, rubbed around the eyes (particularly) and face, helps you look like a natural beauty. If there’s not time for anything else, this will help you look in the mirror with satisfaction.

Choose Tomorrow’s Outfit

There’s nothing like staring at your bursting closet in the morning and hem-hawing over what to wear. This usually results in an outfit that’s either wrinkled beyond belief or just frumpy. Now, if you don’t care what you wear, then More Power To You. But if you miss looking put together and feeling more feminine, take a few seconds the night before to choose your outfit. It’s a lot easier and less stressful when the pressure is not on, a.k.a. little ones begging for their breakfast.

Drink a Glass of Water

Water is good for us. Doctors suggest drinking about half a gallon of water a day since we are constantly losing water throughout the day. Drinking more water also has the added benefit of weight loss. When your body perceives it doesn’t have enough water it will hang on to it, causing bloating. Drinking water will help flush your system and take away some of the drag. If you don’t like the way it tastes add a dash of lemon or lime juice. square glass of water

Take Vitamins

Many moms are not getting the nutrients they need from their diets. Even if they work hard to eat well. By taking a nice multivitamin and even a few supplements you will begin to have more energy and focus throughout your day. Ask your doctor or pharmacist what they recommend!

Give a Child a Hug

When I’m feeling listless, discouraged, or overwhelmed, I love to grab hold of my kids for a big squeeze. Cuddling releases happy hormones in both yourself and your children – so a quick way to get a pick me up is to hug a loved one. They’ll love it and so will you.

Put on a Coordinating Hat

If you don’t wake up with amazing looking hair, nor do you have the time to fix it properly some mornings, wear a hat. Purchase a few cute caps, maybe from your favorite store or with your initials, and keep it handy. When I don’t want everyone to see that I didn’t have time to tame the mane, I don a hat. And, if it matches, I still feel put together.

Light a Candle or Diffuser

There’s something about mood lighting. It’s a thing, apparently. Choose a few candles with your favorite scents and set them up in safe locations (away from tiny fingers) throughout highly trafficked parts of your home. If you need to reset the mood or relax during a particularly harrowing day, light the candles and sit where you can see them. square candle

Say One Thing You’re Grateful for Out Loud

Being grateful helps give us perspective. Things are not always perfect, easy, or peaceful. Days with small children are hard and trying at times, but we have so much to be grateful for that it won’t take long to think of one important thing. Whether you say one thing out loud, write it down in your journal, or join a Gratitude Challenge Group, find a way to keep positive. So the next time you are feeling… Past the Point Weary Run Down Try one of these ways to give you a quick pick me up during the day. They won’t change your life, but they may change your mood.  

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