No-Bake Mini Raspberry Lemon Pies

I love pie and something about spring makes me want to bake. The problem is, I don’t have all day to bake and with two little ones running around, the time I do have is  pretty slim. So I’ve moved onto the next best thing: no-bake pies and came up with these  No-Bake Mini Raspberry Lemon Pies. They are delicious but entirely easy and quick to make. So easy, that the kiddos can help and make their own too – talk about a win-win!

These are made with fresh fruits, pre-made mini pie crusts, and topped with delicious Reddi-wip who is also our partner for today. In case you didn’t know, today’s recipe is one of the many we have made in partner with Reddi-wip for our mission to #ShareTheJoy. So if you want delicious recipes make sure you check out the list of what we’ve made at the bottom of this post.No-Bake Mini Raspberry Lemon Pies

What You Will Need to Make  No-Bake Mini Raspberry Lemon Pies:

  • Mini Pie Crusts (pre-made)
  • Lemon Pudding (can use the instant or cook and serve kind)
  • Fresh Raspberries
  • Fresh Mint
  • 1 Large Fresh Lemon
  • Reddi-wip
  • Zester or Cheese Grater

How to Make  No-Bake Mini Raspberry Lemon Pies:

  1. Remove the mini pie crusts from packaging and set onto counter.
  2. Make your lemon pudding according to the directions on the package. Then wash your raspberries and gently fold some into the pudding mixture.
  3. Use a spoon to carefully place the lemon raspberry mixture into your mini pie crusts filling them entirely.No-Bake Mini Raspberry Lemon Pies steps
  4. Top your mini pies with Reddi-wip.
  5. Use your zester or cheese grater to grate fresh lemon zest and stick that on top of the Reddi-wip.
  6. Then add a fresh mint leave and a fresh raspberry to complete the dessert!
  7. Serve it up and enjoy!No-Bake Mini Raspberry Lemon Pies2

I love this recipe because it’s so easy to make but it’s perfect for summer which will be here before we know it! You can actually make a mini dessert bar for your guests using these ingredients! It’s a great way to #ShareTheJoy which is something that is so important to us!No-Bake Mini Raspberry Lemon Pies3

Not sure what I mean? Well, let me explain…

Over the last 6 months we have partnered with Reddi-wip to take part in their mission to #ShareTheJoy with others around you.  For us, we think that sharing a delicious recipe with others is a great way to reach someone’s heart through their stomach and it’s totally a conversation starter!

So we encourage you to continue this mission and participate along with us. Here are a few of the  ways  we have shared how you can #ShareTheJoy  over the last few months:

To learn more about Reddi-wip’s #ShareTheJoy mission and how you can join, visit their website and connect with them on: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

This is sponsored content written by me on behalf of Reddi-wip. The opinions are all mine.