These parenting tips are ones that you don’t want to miss.  We’ve looked all over to find the best, most viral parenting posts online and we are putting them all into one place for you.  Here are our favorite posts of the week: parenting tips 1. You’re having ANOTHER baby? 

“There are already times in this pregnancy when I feel run down, sick and overcome with the most intense rush of hormones. I try to make it through some of my days with white knuckles as I hold on for dear life. As tears come down, I ask myself: How in the world will I handle four?  So — why another baby?

Considering all of this, it’s still quite simple for me. I couldn’t imagine having it any other way.”

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 You're Having ANOTHER Baby? 2. This pretty much sums it up… family picture Read more here.  3. Kids Spend Less Time Outdoors Than Prisoners “With children today spending only half the time their parents did outdoors, we are producing an unsociable, unimaginative and inactive generation. Only half of children have ever built a sandcastle at the beach or had a picnic outside of their own yard, and over a third have never played in the mud. Also, about half of children opt for screen time alone over playing with others outdoors.” Read more here. 4. I’m not a great dad just because I fed my kids…  “Each time I get some unwarranted praise for actually just doing what is in the parenting contract one signs when one has a couple glasses of wine and nine months later has a child, two things come to mind: What an insanely low bar I have the privilege of leaping over with the most mundane of tasks. And also, have you met my wife?” Read more here. 5. I lied about co-sleeping. “At times I find it hard, and wish he’d take his toe out of my nostril and leave me in peace. But then I picture him, 20 years from now, in some distant University hall of residence, his sleeping head resting on an entirely different pair of breasts.  I draw him close, and decide he can stay just a little bit longer. Sharing a bed with him is not a rod for my back — it’s a deep joy.” Read more here. 6. Surefire Ways To Know If Your Child Has Sensory Issues “When your child  struggles with sensory issues, it can be downright debilitating. In fact, it can affect every aspect of your life, from family outings to night time routines. When a child struggles with sensory issues, it can make every day activities difficult and make parenting even harder than it already is. While there are are many signs of sensory processing disorder, which require an official evaluation and diagnosis, sometimes just being able to relate to an issue can help you understand more about what your child is struggling with. These clues are meant as a way to help you better understand your child and hopefully set you on the path to getting them the support they need.” Read more here. Sensory Issues 7. Do you have a defiant child? They are the best ever! “Did you know that research shows  defiant kids are more likely to grow into self-motivated, intelligent entrepreneurs? Your child is going to put her defiant characteristics to good use someday soon. She will buck the system, discovering new and innovative ways to do things.  Defiant kids require strong leaders.” Read more here. For more top parenting posts, check out our Facebook Page, where we share all of the top parenting articles. Come see these parenting products, you had no idea you needed!

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