You already know that we love to share tips about raising kids, fun activities and our favorite kid-friendly recipes.  We also love to share parenting tips … be it our tips or someone else’s tips… as long as it helps you.  Today we are sharing the  best parenting advice from around the web. parenting We share many viral posts on our Facebook page, but we are going to gather them here in one place, for easy access.  It is our way of helping out our readers as much as we can.  If we can find it and share it with you, it is a win-win.


1).    HOW YOU MAY BE RUINING YOUR CHILD’S LOVE FOR READING Sneak Peek: We want our children to be great readers but beware of these hidden ways you may be ruining your child's love of reading. Reading to children when they are young has consistently been linked as one of the biggest predictors of academic success so it is worth our while to do it right! Read more at Kids Activities Blog. Hidden Ways You Are Ruining Your Child's Love Of Reading   2).  IF YOU ASK YOUR MOM TO LIE DOWN WITH YOU Sneak Peek: If you ask your mom to lie down with you, she's going to fall asleep. She will wake up in a panic and head downstairs to clean up the kitchen ¦ When she is cleaning the kitchen, she will notice that someone left a cup in the living room. When she goes to get the cup out of the living room, she will notice that the TV was left on. Read more on Your Modern Family. if-you   3.)  RAISING A HIGHLY SENSITIVE KID Sneak Peek: I was standing in a Chick-fil-A, looking up into the endless abyss that is the play area. In a dome of small voices echoing through the tubes, I could hear it: the cry that could only be matched to a boy who belongs to me. I saw all the other parents rise just to check, but I knew this one was part of my crew. Read more on Scary Mommy here   4).  10 THOUGHTS MOMS HAVE WHEN THEY ARE ALL ALONE Sneak Peek: I ™m with my kids every day from the minute they wake up until the minute they go to bed. I love them with every part of me, of course, and adore being able to spend so much time with them. But that doesn't mean I don't need a break sometimes. I need an hour or two here and there where I ™m not at the beck and call of little humans who need me to wipe their butt and force them to share. But when I ™m finally alone? It feels foreign and strange. Moms aren't quite sure what do to with Read more on Love and Marriage.   5).  WHY YOUR CHILD SHOULD NEVER BE FORCED TO HUG A RELATIVE Sneak Peek: As we head into the vacation season and into visits with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, there’s one awkward situation that will arise in many families that most parents will be unprepared to deal with: relatives who expect hugs and kisses from little ones ” even when those little ones don’t want to show them affection. Read more on Pop Sugar.   6).  8 THINGS E.R. DOCTORS REFUSE TO HAVE IN THEIR HOMES Sneak Peek: Emergency room physicians see all kinds of grisly stuff, which made us wonder: What products do they consider so hazardous they ban them from their homes and yards? Here are the everyday items that scare these accident front-liners the most. Trampolines Read more on Huffington Post.   7).  5 PRACTICAL LESSONS FROM A DAD TO HIS SON Sneak Peek: Being the dad of three boys is a huge responsibility. When we found out that Becky was pregnant with our first son, the excitement and anxiety of it all hit me. A son. A son that will look up to me. A son that will mimic my every move. A son that will follow my lead. Fast forward six years ¦ our family had grown. Read more on Your Modern Dad.   8).  HOW TO GET YOUR KIDS TO NAP AT THE SAME TIME Sneak Peek: When the second child come into the house a lot of things get more difficult, especially bedtime! With your first kiddo, it's easy to let the baby's schedule become everyone's schedule. Baby looking tired? Rush home from the store to get her in bed immediately. Baby just woke up? It's time to run as many errands as possible before she needs to eat or sleep again. Then suddenly you have two kids and their clashing schedules make running errands seem laughable Read more at Beauty Through Imperfection.   9).    NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY MY MOM WOULDN’T GO TO BED WITH DIRTY DISHES IN THE SINK Sneak Peek: Growing up, I never really understood My Mom Wouldn't Go to Bed With Dirty Dishes in the Sink. My thinking was, it would take the same amount of time to do them at night at it would the next morning. And she wouldn't be as tired as she was after a late night.But she always said, I want to go to bed with a clean kitchen. Read more on The Write Balance.     10).  THIS MOMS AMAZING IKEA HACK IS A COSLEEPER’S DREAM COME TRUE Sneak Peek: When you hear the term family bed, it likely conjures images of a big, cozy bed covered in fluffy quilts where loving families slumber together in peace. As anyone who's ever actually shared a bed with their family can tell you, it's nothing like that. Instead, you end up curled in the fetal position in the corner of the mattress while someone kicks you, there are never enough blankets, and yes, that is a butt in your face. If that situation sounds at all familiar, this mom's brilliant Ikea hack might just change your life. Read more on Scary Mommy.   If you want more popular parenting posts, check out a few of our latest ones: Finding Your Baby Again How to be more Patient with your Kids You can find even more posts like this on our Facebook page.

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