Why Defiant Kids are Actually the Best Thing Ever

If you have ever wondered how to deal with a defiant child, I totally understand. Those of us searching to find a little good behavior in the power struggle with defiant children need to stick together and support each other. Here are the best ways I have found to reinforce positive behavior next time you are in one of those difficult situations.

How to parent a defiant child - defiant child shown screaming and sitting cross legged on floor
Defiant kids.

Disciplinary Action Or a Better Way?

You probably saw me at Target the other day. I was the mom with a kid kicking and screaming on the ground.

He wanted a Kit Kat at 10:32 am, and I wouldn’t allow him.

I knew this was going to happen.

I knew he was going to drop to the floor and throw a fit.

Because when you are parenting a defiant child this is part of life…

In that moment, my cheeks felt so hot with embarrassment that I wanted to make a mad dash for the fitting room, hide, and pretend this wasn’t my life.

Parenting a Defiant Child

Parenting a defiant child may be the hardest thing you’ll ever do. Each day you wake up and think today is the day your child cooperates, doesn’t complain, and does what you say. But it doesn’t really go that way.

Your day continues with power struggles, bedtime battles and not listening.

This breaks you down, and I understand exactly where you are coming from.

Before I had kids, I had all the patience in the world. Kids seemed all cute and cuddly and adorable.

Now, I struggle with anger as a mom.

Many days I feel tired and crabby and irritable.

Many days I feel not good enough.

This is parenting a defiant child.

You are tired from all the power struggles and not listening. Some days you secretly want to give them the iPad, a gallon tub of chocolate ice cream and call it a day.

But, mama?

You are doing some amazing work in the world of a little person right now.

So first, take a deep breath.


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How to Raise a Defiant Child - boy sitting alone screaming
Everyone could use a deep breath right now!

5 Things to Remember About a Defiant Child

1. Your defiant child’s brain is healthy and thriving.

Did you know that your child’s opposition is a key sign of a healthy, thriving and growing brain? Your child is understanding that she is separate from you.

She is testing to understand boundaries and how the world works.

She is learning how to express emotions, and also, how to self-regulate those big and intense feelings.

2. Boundaries are a good thing with a defiant child.

As parents, we are here to set boundaries.

Firm boundaries.

Despite your child’s defiance and protesting and tears, do not fill your cup with self-doubt, embarrassment and negative self-talk. You are doing a good thing.

3. You have a child that thinks outside the box.

Kids who defy authority brainstorm ideas that are beyond the status quo. They have gusto and gall.

They break rules and make new ones.

At some point, your child is going to be an adult and she is going to find herself in a mess of a problem.

And you know what?

She’s going to have the wherewithal to find her way out, even when you are not there.

4. Peer pressure is easier to resist for strong-willed children.

Children with strong personalities are the ones more likely to stand up against a bully.

Your child is the one who will speak up when she sees someone cheating on a test.

They are the one who will go to a high school party and turn down the tiny blue pill and tell all her friends to do the same.

Defiant kids are strong kids that will change the world - Kids Activities Blog - girl smiling and looking at the camera
Defiant kids are strong kids who will change the world.

5. You’re raising a future leader.

Did you know that research shows defiant kids are more likely to grow into self-motivated, intelligent entrepreneurs?

Your child is going to put her defiant characteristics to good use someday soon.

She will buck the system, discovering new and innovative ways to do things.

6. Defiant kids require strong leaders.

When you are in the midst of your hardest parenting moment, don’t give up, mama.

Don’t buy the Kit Kat and don’t run for the fitting room at Target!

Set a boundary, stay strong, and know you are doing amazing work in the world of a little person right now. Let the little things go and know that one day your child is going to make one helluva person.

You’ll look back on those days at Target when your cheeks felt hot.

When everyone stared and watched.

When you stayed calm and set a boundary.

And you’ll remember that it was all worth it.

Books to Help You Raise Your Strong-Willed Child

The more you learn and read on this subject, the more tools you will have in your toolbox when it comes to parenting challenges.  This can give you more confidence to take the actions you know you need to take!

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