This bee activity for kindergarten is so cute and perfect for spring! Your kids will “bee” happy learning with this Sweet Bees Printable Kindergarten Worksheet Pack. It’s 8 pages packed full of learning with the cutest honey bees you’ve ever seen. Plus, beyond this would be great to add to your Letter B activities and crafts along with these Letter B worksheets. Printable Kindergarten Worksheet Theme Pack for Kindergarten through first grade with 8 fun pages to work on.


This packet is great for kindergarten kids as well as for first graders. Some of these would even be good for your preschool children. All of them can benefit on not only learning shapes, numbers, and problem solving skills, but on fine motor skills as well. This makes these bee worksheets the ideal learning activities.

What Is Included In These Bee Worksheets?

This great pack includes 8 pages for practicing the following skills:

Tracing Through a Path

Trace between the lines from ones picture to another. Be sure not to touch either side of the lines though!

Tracing Lines

Trace the whirling, twirling, zig zaggy lines to get from one bee themed picture to another!

Tracing Shapes

Learn your shapes by following the dotted lines around the bee themed photos. You will learn about squares, circles, triangles, and hexagons.

Tracing Numbers

Learn numbers 1 through 9 by tracing all the dotted lines on this sweet bee themed page.

Letter Recognition

Help recognize the letter B! You have to go through all the scrambled letters and circle the letter B.

Size Recognition

This page is great for learning opposites! Figure out which bee picture is the biggest and then circling it.


Counting and coloring are some of the best things! Count the honey pots and flowers and color the same amount of boxes.


Once you have learned your numbers it is time to practice! Count the honey pots, bees, and hives in this jumbled picture and write the number down on the blank.

Download here:

Sweet Bees Printable Kindergarten Worksheet Pack To go along with this printable worksheet pack you could do other related activities like making a recipe with honey, or learning about pollination. We also have more awesome handwriting worksheets you may be interested in. Check out this awesome printable bee facts. We hope you enjoy this bees printable for your kindergartner (and anyone else)! Leave us a comment. What was your kid’s favorite worksheet? Save

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