No One Thought This Autistic Girl Understood Anything Until THIS Happened! [Video]

Parents of autistic children know there are a lot of difficulties and a lot of little joys experienced every single day.

Carly autism story video - Kids Activities Blog feature

These parents didn’t know about the joys they’d see from their beautiful daughter Carly until she was old enough to ‘tell’ them about them herself.

Carly spent most of her young life locked away in her own mind.

Unable to communicate with the world around her, no one even know if she could…if she even understood Anything…until this happened…

Take a look!

Carly’s Autism Story Video

The miracle in this is not how brilliant Carly is, but that she’s been brilliant all along.

I’m so amazed when I read Carly’s words and see how much of an impact she has on the world.

Sadly, Carly experienced a tough year and a half that set her back drastically, but she’s finally coming back and I couldn’t be happier!

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