Want to entertain your kids for hours?  Literally?  The simplicity of this kids activity is just addictive!  AND… it let me blog for almost two hours straight!  I call that a good day. Another perk:  No duvets, kids or fans were hurt during the process – it was all smiles. giant air bubble

Giant Air Bubble

All you need is a duvet cover with no tears and a big box fan. Lay the cover out flat and stick the fan in the opening of your covers.  You want to make sure that both the cover is around the front of your fan AND is not around the entirety of the back of the fan.  You might need clothespins to help keep it together. sheet and fan activity2 Let your kids crawl or slither into the opening and watch them have a blast in their new-found cave! Hours.  I promise, hours, of play!  The kids have been begging to get their big bubble out again.  Yours will be too.

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