The warmer weather is right around the corner and if you’re looking for a fun way to get and keep the kids outside and away from the electronics, this Nerf Playhouse is it!

This is the KidKraft Nerf Geo Strike Headquarters and it’s going to make your kids want to play outside!

This top-secret hideout is perfect for surveillance and planning and training.

It is a geodesic dome that lets children spy on the competition with a hidden periscope and then plan their defense.

Three entrances allow for undetected advancement and hiding crucial transportation. Walls with stationary, spinning and stacked cup targets give trainees multiple opportunities to practice their aim. Store blasters and darts inside so you’ll always be ready for battle.

Your kids will be entertained for hours! All you need is your favorite Nerf Gun and Nerf darts and you’re ready to play!

You can grab the KidKraft Nerf Geo Strike Headquarters at Walmart for $599.99 here.

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