This Playhouse Teaches Kids About Recycling and Saving the Environment

I love toys that are not only fun but are educational and this LittleTikes Go Green! Playhouse is just that!

This fun outdoor playhouse is perfect for getting kids to play outside while also teaching them about recycling and saving the environment.

Go Green with this clubhouse for toddlers that teaches them about recycling and their environment

The playhouse has multiple activities including recycling bins, a living roof, and a planting box you can plant real plants and flowers in!

Kids can also use the pump sink and rain barrel to learn about saving water.

My favorite part though has to be the solar-powered LED lights for extra light inside the house! There is a solar panel on the top of the playhouse roof.

I don’t know about you, but I totally need to get this for my kids. It’s adorable, fun and totally educational!

You can get the LittleTike Go Green! Playhouse on Amazon for $347.12 here.

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