What was life in the 50s like? Many of us don’t know, we aren’t 50s kids and were born much later. But it makes you wonder, how was life in the 1950s compared to today. We here a lot of mixed answers and some assumptions about life in the 50s. Regardless, it’s interesting to see how the family life has changed in the 50s. You have to check it out.

How things have changed since the 1950s video - Kids Activities Blog
How much COULD it really change?

life in the 1950s compared to today

We always hear older people talk about ‘back in their day’.

Has life really has changed over the years?

Imagine life in the 1950’s, for instance.

Now imagine life today…

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Differences Between Today & the 19502 Video

With all the changes that have happened since the days of Father Knows Best, I can only imagine what life will be like fifty years from now!  

Eeek Gads!


Do you think things have changed in the last 70 years?

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