If you have a tyke who is obsessed with cars you are not alone.  It seems like our youngest is either driving a car, carrying a car or pretending to be a car 95% of his awake hours.  Here are some car play ideas  to help your transportation-loving kiddos play.   updated image of cars play 1

Car Activities for Kids

Transform a colelction of file folders into a car mat.  All you need is a marker and some black paper – perk:  This is great to take traveling! Race time!  Cut a pool noodle in half lengthwise and use it as a car track.  Your cars will speed over hills and curves you make with your noodle. Instead of a car, let’s fly a airplane, a GIANT airplane.  Use a piece of poster board to make these soaring vehicles. Transform a box into a toy garage.  The perk of this nifty DIY toy is that you can carry your cars with you in the box!  Fun! cars and things that go

Play Ideas for Boys

Drop your cars down a play ramp.  It is super simple, easy to clean up and will occupy your kids for longer than you would expect. Paint!  Everything is more fun when you add color to it.  Play with toy  cars and paint to make a unique art work that your kids will remember. These DIY car placemats are simply genius.  Keep a set handy to grab for the long family dinners or when you are cooking but your tot needs to be nearby.  They play.  You eat! Kids can make cars out of just about anything.  Here is a post about how to make toy cars, from clothespins, and then race them! Transform your kitchen into a crazy street.  This is a great idea for those rainy cooped up days!

cars and things that goCar Play Ideas

Ikea!  We love our IKEA store and hacks from their furniture.  We also love their boxes.  Here is a parking garage that one mom made from the IKEA packaging.  Love it! Bring pretend play to life with a stop light.  Make your own with this nifty Red Light Green Light. Is your house being overrun with matchbox cars?  Make a PVC pipe garage and give each can a “place” to belong.  I bet this would work great for barbies too! TOO FUN!  We love masking tape roads.  Our kids love tape in general.  This is a masking tape maze.  Help your kids develope critical thinking skills while playing with cars.  Genius. car activities for kids If your tyke is like mine, they are still figuring out board games.  The concept of taking turns and following directions is still new to them.  Get them started thinking about games with this easy to make travel game board. Cause a boy can’t leave the house without his car, or cars!  This Snack Bandolier doubles as a car transport service.  Love it! Give your tinkering kids a fun kit – a build your own Lego Car Box.  Add a balloon to make your car “jet” powered. car activities for kids2

Homemade  Toys for Kids

Got a big box?  You can make a city scape on the bottom of it for imaginative play.  Use chalkboard paint so you can redo the scenery as needed. If you have scrap wood, make some movable roads in your back yard.  The roads will be ever changing as your kids move them for bigger and better places. Nifty!  If you have a kiddo who is into airplanes, fashion a landing strip, complete with lights and a tower from a pizza box.  Fun! Make a car garage from scraps of carboard and ductape.  Your kids will use it till it falls apart and it was free! And if the above were not enough, keep reading we have a Dozen More Car Activities for your kiddos to enjoy.      

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