These parents  are eating their words! Check out some of these true mom confessions to the statement “I’ll never be the parent that…”

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“I’ll Never…”

    1. “I’ll never be the parent that makes their kids use a child leash…definitely getting one for my son.” -Kendra
    2. “‘my kids will fit into my world, not the other way around’…I was so wrong…” -Lisa
    3. “I never thought I’d feed them sugary cereal. Now I wish I could buy the lucky marshmallows alone.” -Souad
    4. ” I looked at my baby and thought “there’s no way I’m ever going to find anything annoying about this sweet child”…bahahaha” -Mandie
    5. “Before I had my daughter I always thought people who co-slept or breastfed past a year were creepy and nuts. Then I had my daughter lol! Just goes to show!” -Caitlin
    6. “I’ll never be a parent that has their kid out in public with food on their shirt, dirty clothes, etc. Toddler boys play hard, eat messy, have fun… They’re dirty… Oh well. He’s happy and loved, what else matters?!” -Lynette
    7. “I said I would never let mine eat in the car…. so someone please tell me why I am always vacuuming up all kinds of food from between the seats under the seats, stuck to the window!!!” -Laura Bethparenting Quote

Parenting Lies

  1. “I’ll never be that parent that Always orders chicken tenders and fries for my kid when we go out to eat…and then eats some of it too…yeah right hahaha!!” -J
  2. “…Wipes their face with my spit!! Always do it….better than a dirty face. Kids hate it!!!” -Kelly
  3. “Binky on a leash. I thought they were disgusting, when in actuality they are brilliant.” -Rae
  4. “Makes a different meal for my kid… Then came #3, the world’s pickiest eater, who would really starve herself before eating something she doesn’t like.” -Sandra
  5. “I  will never bribe my kids. I use going out in the canoe to force them to nap, and i use cereal bars to get them to leave the park” -Emily
  6. “I said I’d never be the parent who co-slept with their baby. But it sure made breastfeeding so much easier during the night.” -Sara
  7. I”ll never be a parent who ever allows their child to sit in a buggy eating a Greggs sausage roll with flakey pastry stuck in their clothes….oh dear…how my ideas changed.” -Cath
  8. “That puts my kid in the corner. Yup I ate my words, it’s the only time out method that works…..” -Jessie
  9. “Watch tv before two years!!….now at four he’s hooked on Scooby Doo!” -Elizabeth
  10. “I would never panic about what my kid eats. Yeah right!” -Amanda
  11. “Has children who throw tantrums and scream in public! Now…that’s my life! Lol” -Deana
  12. “Goes out without snacks and bottles of water for my kids. LOL. Here I be, in the milk aisle buying choc milks….” -Sarah
  13. “Swore my daughter would never be a pageant diva yea right at 2 she chose to do it and daddy couldn’t say no now age 8 are hallway is lined with crowns.” -Julie
  14. “i’ll never be the parent that says, “DO it because i said so!” hahahahaha…” -Li
  15. “I’ll never be the parent that lets their children walk around with snot streaming from their noses…I just can’t keep up with it anymore!!! Defeated.” -Rowan
  16. “I swore I was never going to sound like my mother… Now everytime I open my mouth my mother comes out” -Jade
  17. “Ill never give into a picky eater, yeah lets say chicken is constantly on our menu” -Samantha
  18. “1).I’ll never give them a pacifier & 2).I’ll never put them in a “harness” , you know they look like leashes ?!?!!” -Larissa

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