16 Robots Kids can Actually Make

If your kids love exploring science and technology, I bet they would love to explore robotics. These are all robots kids can make.

This first robot is one that we have made – a tin can soda man. This kids robot kit  (affiliate link) comes with everything you need to turn a regular tin can into a cute robot friend!

robots kids can make

16 Robots Kids can Actually Make

These are little circuit segments that do different tasks. You can use with your kids to make a robot.

Build a robot with pre-made parts. These make it really easy for kids to have “tasks” performed. They come with instructions and ideas on things you can build and create.

robot kits for kids

How to Make a Robot

These robot “balls” help you learn how circuits are made and even early coding. It uses apps to help your kids learn as they build. Fun!

Have a preschooler who loves robots, but isn’t able to make a movable one yet? Maybe they can have fun with this robot craft for kids.

Build a robot from paper pieces and parts. I can see this doing really well with magnetic paper.

Make art! If only this robot could do homework. Create a Lego drawbot with your kids. This is a super simple and fun activity that doesn’t require much help from mom or dad.

Robots for Kids to Make

Robots Kids Can Make

Not quite a robot, but this Lego Catapult moves like it has a mind of it’s own after you stretch the rubber band out. Watch stuff fly!

Make a robot that moves! This cute little robot can balance all on it’s own! Your kids can make it.

So COOL! Did you know you can get special sensors for your robots? These Lego pieces are able to sense sounds and movement AND respond. The possibilities are endless.

This Sudoku puzzle solving robot is so cool! This site includes a video of how it works and downloadable instructions on how to make your own robot!

Looking for a more challenging Lego activity for your little engineer? Check out this instructable on how to build a simple robotic arm.

Mom, you are going to love this. Make your own Turret Shooter with this step-by-step how to build a robot guide!

Creativity kits for kids!
And in this Science and technology kit from Kiwi Crate you can make paper robots that actually move of their own accord! You can see the photos from this project on Tinker Crate’s section of our subscription boxes for kids article. Kids Activities Blog has an exclusive discount for 30% off the first month of any Kiwi Crate + free shipping with coupon code: KAB30!

Make your own Aluminum Robot for some silly robotic fun!

pencil case robot controlled

Got Legos? Kinex? This kid made their own robotic pencil case complete with a watch and a “paper shredder” out of some of the gears.

No batteries required to make this awesome little robot car! You can even control the forward and backward motion.

And you can make a robot that is smarter than you – one that solves rubrics cubes! Crazy!

What robot do the kids plan to make first? 

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