Making Shapes with Aluminum FoilPlay with aluminum foil is a great way to learn about our sense of touch, texture and spatial reasoning as kids can ball the foil up into shapes, cover items and make imprints of them, all while exploring textures.     Here are some great ideas of ways you can use aluminum foil to teach your kids and instructions on how to paint textures idea.

Moulding Aluminum Foil

Activities to learn with foil:

Build vocabulary with texture terms: crinkle, wrinkle, smash, smooth, pointy, etc.

Work on gross motor skills as you throw an aluminum foil ball at each other.

Work on fine motor skills as you try to mold the foil into a shape.   We made boxes, triangles, stars, hearts and crescents.

Painting Textures with Aluminum Foil

Foil Painting with your Preschooler:

Experiment with paint by putting drop onto your foil and pressing that onto your paper.

Can you get the paint to be in a certain shape?

Do you get more paint on the paper with a wrinkled or a smooth surface?

What happens if you paint colors on top of each other?   Do the colors blend better if you mix them on the foil before or after you press the page?

Can you make a textured pattern?

Happy learning!

Preschooler Texture Art
Preschooler Texture Art

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  1. I am an early childhood educator and I loved reading this! You kept things so open-ended and full of joy.
    Stay well and keep writing!

  2. Thank you, I’ve recently been seeking for details about this topic for ages and yours is the best I have discovered so far.

  3. Great post, Rachel! I am totally doing this project with my kids tomorrow. Loving your site!!! Will be back again soon. Have a great week!