This free printable screen time reward chart is a great way to limit screen time and encourage positive behavior at the same time!  Screen time is a favorite pastime in our home.  My preschooler adores educational TV shows and iPad apps.  Even though it’s educational, we still try to limit screen time.  Instead of setting  a strict time limit we use screen time as a reward for a job well done.  This free printable will help you do the same. free printable screen time reward chart And with the help of our sponsor Verizon  FiOS,  that screen time can be spent watching one of many recorded TV shows or playing on a tablet  with super fast and secure  Verizon  FiOS Quantum Speed Internet.  I love that you can record programs because our screen time doesn’t take place until after dinner, not exactly when you find the best kid shows scheduled.  Plus, if my son has a rough day and  earns  little or no screen time, it helps that his shows aren’t going anywhere and he can try again the next day.

Free Printable Screen Time Reward Charts

free printable reward charts There are two versions of this chart.  One is task based: there are lines for you to write the tasks your child can perform in order to earn stars, such as clearing the table or brushing their teeth.  The other is day based, this simply has the days of the week and you can reward stars each day however you see fit.  The day based chart is great if you want to “catch your child being good” without specific chores or tasks. You will want to choose fit to printable area when you print.  You can print a new one each week. Or  laminate it/slide it into a page protector and use a dry erase pen. Click here to download and print:  Task Based Screen Time Reward Click here to download and print:  Day Based Screen Time Reward

Life on FiOS

These free printables were brought to you by our sponsor Verizon FiOS.  Verizon  FiOS Quantum Speed Internet  lets your  family play on their tablets, computers, and laptops all at once.  And with Verizon FiOS  Quantum TV, you  can change the way you and your family currently watch television.  FiOS Quantum  allows your family to record up to 12 shows for a total of over 200 hours of HD storage, but that isn’t the only thing that is amazing.  The  Verizon Mobile app  lets you watch and record shows on the go including on-demand titles.  It is great  way for you to choose exactly what you and your family watch and when they watch it. The FiOS router is great for families.  You can use it’s parental control features to put filters on internet search and TV content that kids watch at home!  That is such a help when you have multiple TV’s and computers in the house. Wondering what your child to watch or play during their earned screen time? Check out these family-friendly entertainment ideas inspired by #LifeOnFiOS: A big thank you to FiOS for supporting Kids Activities Blog.  As part of being  on the #LifeonFiOS influencer team, I receive free free Verizon FiOS service.  You can follow along on other social media with our conversation using the #LifeonFiOS hashtag.   The Printables Library at - Hundreds of printable activities for kids!

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