5 ways to spend one on one time with your kids right now.

It is so important to spend one on one time with your kids.    Sometimes the gift of time is all that they really need.

ways to spend time with kids

These 5  ideas will help you spend one on one time with your kids.  You will need to make it a priority, but your kids will thank you for it.  These are easy ideas to help you get started  today.

1- Pick a date and stick to it.   We keep our same date the same every month.  Each one of our kids knows their day and looks forward to it (trust me, if we forget ¦ they remember!)

2- Schedule Playtime with your kids.  Put it in your phone, on your “to-do” list, or on your daily  schedule, but set aside at least twenty minutes of  undivided,  uninterrupted playtime with your kids every few hours.

3- Lay with them at night.   This is so rewarding ¦ more than you can imagine.  You hear so much as you lay there and connect  with your child.  They tell you  everything that has been on their minds all day long and that bond that you are making is something that can’t be undone.

4- Take a walk outside.  Walk around the block, walk around the house, just walk  with your child.   Talk about what THEY want to talk to talk about.  If they want to stop to pick 20 rocks, let them.   Give them twenty minutes of outdoor time, where they can show you and tell you whatever they want.  Don’t hurry them or rush them ¦ just enjoy the time watching their little minds work, uninterrupted.

5- Bake Cookies!   This is quick and  everyone loves them.  You can jazz them up and  making  something other than chocolate chip cookies, too!   Try making  unicorn poop cookies, if you want to see the  kids laughing and smiling!  Or if you  don’t have much time, just throw together our favorite  three-ingredient cake-box cookies– they are so good!  

The list doesn’t have to stop there.  You can great creative with  what you have at home to think of a fun activity to do with your kids.  Maybe it is going to be painting a picture, making an awesome rainbow sugar scrub  or even  making your own puffy paint with the kids (messy play is a great way to be silly and laugh with your kids!)

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