Make your own world full of sunshine and rainbows with these 40 Fun Ways Kids Rainbows Ideas! There is just something about beautiful and bright rainbows that bring a smile to the face. The cheerful colors are just so much fun! No one can resist fun kids rainbow ideas. Your little unicorn will love our list of snacks, art, and kids activities that’s full of sunshine and rainbows (you’ll have to supply the lollipops).

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40 Ways to Play and create rainbows

40 Fun Kids Rainbow Ideas

kids rainbow ideas

Make Cheerful and Fun Kids Rainbows!

  • Homemade play dough mixed up to make your own rainbow color wheel. Beautiful and fun kids rainbow ideas to play with!
  • Combine your love for rainbows and unicorns with these adorable headbands. We love the whimsical feel that these give to kids from the moment they put them on!
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth with these amazing rainbow cupcakes. Colorful, sweet and a cherry on top!
  • Pamper your hands with a beautiful rainbow sugar scrub. The colors are gorgeous and the scents blend together perfectly!
unicorn poop cookies
40 ways to play with rainbows

Our Favorite Kids Rainbows Crafts and Goodies

  • You will definitely feel crafty making these rainbow snacks! They are cheery and delicious! -via Averie Cooks
  • These pinwheels make the most adorable rainbow cookies ever! So yummy and easy to make! -via Mom on Time Out
  • See and hear the colors of the rainbow with this adorable xylophone! It sounds amazing!!! Check out this kids rainbow ideas. -via Meet the Dubians
  • Grab some pasta to make these adorable rainbow watercolor crafts! Adorably fun. -via Kids Activities Blog
  • Get creative making some rainbow designs on shirts! Draw it, spray it and make your own unique t-shirt! -via Kids Activities Blog
  • For more rainbow fun make a ball pit in an inflatable pool and have fun right in the living room! -via Cup of Autism
rainbow activities for kids

Kids Activities with Rainbow Bright Colors

  • Keep the rainbow magic  going with this super fun homemade snow globe. Colorful snow makes this twice as fun! -via Magical Daydream
  • These fun beans will make for a sensory filled day as you play with rainbows! So many activities, so many colors! -via Kids Activities Blog
  • These folded papers will make it fun to learn with rainbows! Your child will love folding and unfolding all the colors and watching them blend together. -via MINIECO
  • Work with your child on color sorting with this fun rainbow themed activity. Legos and paint equal a day full of fun! -via Kids Activities Blog
  • For full on colorful rainbow play try this neon rice activity. The kids will be in love! -via Kids Activities Blog
r is for rainbows
unicorns crafts for kids

Don’t Miss These Unicorns and Rainbows!

  • This is a fun way to learn more about the letter R. Rainbows and educational play is the perfect way to spend an afternoon! -via Meaningful Mama
  • Have fun working on fine motor skills and color matching skills with this rainbow craft. -I Can Teach My Child
  • For some extra fun in your life, make your own mounted unicorn head. These look so neat! -Via Lil Blue Boo
  • Finger puppets are so much fun! There are so many templates here but we definitely want to add a horn to the horse to make it an adorable  unicorn toy! -via Mr. Printables
  • Do your kids love dress up? If you can’t  give them a unicorn let them become one with this fun tutorial for a unicorn headband! -via How To Gal
  • Share some love for unicorns (and your friends and family) with these adorable cards! -via Do Small Things with Love
  • If we’re honest, every one has always wanted to ride a unicorn. With this fun tutorial you can make a felt unicorn on a stick for fun imaginative playtime! -via Lia Griffith
Rainbows you can make

Learning with Rainbows: Educational Rainbow Activities

  • If you have a color obsession as big as ours, try this easy way to decorate with rainbows! Melted crayons on a canvas add a gorgeous pop of color to any room! -via Mr. Kate
  • Does your kid love style? Make a fun  rainbow dress to express that colorful side of the personality! -via DIY Center
  • Share some bright rainbows with your room using this really fun tutorial for a lamp! -via The Swell Designer
  • This is a fun game to play. Work on rainbow color  sorting with pompoms and clothes pins! You ahve to see how cute this is! -via Kids Activities Blog
  • If you are in love with color check out these fun rainbow activities as well! Have a bright and colorful day! -via Kids Activities Blog
  • Check out these colorable rainbow printables!

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