Looking for a fun craft that makes a perfect gift for grandparents or teachers? Something simple but with a “wow-factor”? I just love the snazzy clothespin art that my kids made for me! We use our decorated clothespins for helping my pre-writing kiddos practice “gripping” – clothespins are great for fine motor development. We also use them to close pretzel bags, add a magnet to the back and they hold coupons on the fridge.

clothespin art

Supplies to create clothespin art:

Lots of clothespins Elmers Paint Pens Willing little bodies clothespin art . The paint pens make this a low-mess crafting activity.     The paint dries pretty quickly so the kids can do multiple layers of coloring.   It is great for a small scale “patterned” art project. . Do you have any fun painting projects you’ve done with your kids lately? . clothespin art

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