Time-Saving Cleaning Secrets

Cleaning the house can be so tedious sometimes, but these time-saving cleaning tips should help.

The mess can take over our homes and our emotions,  but cleaning the house with these little cleaning hacks will make it go by just a bit quicker (maybe even adding in a little fun!). 

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Cleaning the house:

We love these time-saving hacks!  We hope that you like them, too.  We are going to share links to other websites, blogs and affiliate links to cleaning tools we suggest.   These are our favorite things… happy cleaning!

1. Start with a daily cleaning list  and  then take the next 25 days and organize the home.  

2.  You can eliminate pet hair by using a wet dishwashing glove.  Just run it over your furniture and it will collect the hair.

3. Find a use for all of those socks that have lost their match!

4. This printable chore chart is organized by age-appropriate chores and will certainly help your kids.

5. Foaming shaving cream or even white wine can remove red wine spills from the carpet

6.  Dust your lampshades with a lint roller.  It will get rid of dust faster than anything.

7. If you want to hire someone to clean your house, but can’t afford it, a friend of mine had a great idea!  Hire a teenager or friend to help you clean for four hours.  Pay them and get everything done with two of you doing the job together.

8.  Clean the bathroom while the kids are playing in the bathtub.  Use a dish scrubber in the shower – keep it filled with a cleaning solution.  You could even give one to the kids with vinegar in the shower.

9.  My sister-in-law uses 3 drops of tea-tree oil to clean any rough-spots or scratches on her wood floors.


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10 My Aunt swears by the trick of ditching your paper towels for newspaper when cleaning glass.

11. Use hairspray to take ink out of your clothing.     Just keep dabbing at it.

12.  An iron and a lunch bag can take crayon out of any fabric ¦ who knew?

13. Use Vinegar as a kitchen cleaner- it can do more than you thought!

14.  Clean your combs & brushes with a mixture of 1/2 c. distilled white vinegar, 20 drops of lavender oil and 1 1/2 cups of water.  Soak them for 20 minutes.  Rinse with water.

15.  Get the smell of mildew out of your towels and washcloths with a cupful of vinegar in your wash.



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Get the family involved:  

16.  Put a dab of hot glue over the opening of any bath toys before you use them.  This will keep water (and mold) out of the toy.

17.  Use an old Candy-Land board game to add spice to doing chores for the kids.  The prize at the end is a night of fun for the whole family!

18. Even your 18-month-old can be helping with chores like loading the dishwasher and cleaning up spills, among this list of other things.

19.  Make chores fun!  Put chores on little pieces of paper and put them into balloons for a fun way to divide chores between the kids- they get the chore that they popped.

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20. At our house, we have a basket at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom.  If we have stuff to go down, we put it in the upstairs basket.  If we have stuff to go up, it goes in the basket at the bottom of the stairs.  It just keeps switching all day long and it is an easy system that even the kids understand.

21.  Get gum off of items by using orange oil.  Just apply a little bit with a cotton pad or cotton ball.

22. Magnetic strips for hair supplies, tweezers, nail files, etc.   Get the strips on Amazon.

23.  Clean the kids’ LEGO toys by putting them in a lingerie bag and throwing the bag in the washing machine.

24.  To remove stubborn price tags from items like dishes and glassware, try using a cotton pad soaked with rubbing alcohol. The alcohol dissolves the sticky glue.  If you don’t have that on hand, try peanut butter.  Works every time.

25. Declutter, Clean & Organize the entire house.  We LOVE this declutter course!  It’s perfect for busy families!

Thank you for reading these tips ¦ I hope that you have found these little hacks to be helpful!


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