Spring Cleaning. In our house, spring is one of my favorite times of the year.   My kids adore spring because it means more time to play outside, run around, and get dirty. My kids love it because it means baseball & lacrosse season are in full swing! I love it for all of those reasons, but I also love it because it means spring cleaning! (Yes…you read that right, I LOVE spring cleaning). I love that while the outside world seems like its getting a new life, the inside of my house can get that new, fresh life too! Getting started with spring cleaning is often the most difficult part, so today I’m sharing some tips to get you started…  Spring Cleaning

Where to begin your Spring Cleaning

It’s really a good idea to start from the inside out when you start your spring cleaning.

Begin with Drawers and Closets

These are probably the worst things to clean anyway, so it’s better to get them over with. When you get all of these done, you can move on to the faster cleaning that doesn’t require as much thought or as many decisions. What makes them so time-consuming is all the sorting. There always seems to be things in the drawers in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, that you don’t want or need anymore. Now is a good time to get rid of them! Store for later, donate or trash whatever you don’t use on a regular basis. Having clean and organized drawers throughout your house is such a stress reliever!

In the Kitchen

Take everything out of one cupboard at a time. Wipe out the inside of the cupboard and rearrange your dishes or pots and pans so that you have easy access to the things you use most often. Even here you might find that there are some dishes that you don’t need or some glassware that can be eliminated to make more room.  Spring Cleaning Take a look at the kitchen drawers and rearrange your utensils and flatware. Check out the pantry, if you have one. Wipe out the shelves and arrange the canned goods and boxes in order according to kind. Be sure to check expiration dates on those cans and boxes that got pushed to the back!

Cleaning the Kitchen

After you get the kitchen cupboards and drawers cleaned out, organize the refrigerator and range area. Move the fridge out and clean beneath it and open the removable guard at the bottom, and vacuum that out as well. If you have a range that can be moved, move it carefully, and clean beneath it. You’d be surprised at how many crumbs find their way behind these big appliances! The bathroom medicine cabinet and linen closets and drawers have a habit of collecting all kinds of things that you may never use or shouldn’t use. Dispose of all expired medicines safely (here’s how!). Get rid of makeup and other products that you never use, and rearrange your towel cupboards. Again, the key to a successful organization is to have quick and easy access to the products you need on a daily basis. Spring Cleaning

In the Bedroom

The clothes closet and drawers may take a little longer. You may actually have to decide what to keep and what to give away. If you haven’t worn something for the last few years, then it’s a pretty safe bet that you don’t need it. We’re all guilty of holding on to clothes for much longer than needed. Find new homes for clothes you don’t necessarily see yourself wearing anymore but that are still in good condition – donate them, sell them at a consignment shop, offer them to a friend – your drawers and closet space should be taken up by clothes that you love and wear on a regular basis. Now that your drawers, closets, and cupboards are organized the rest of the spring cleaning will be SO much easier to deal with. Grab your favorite cleaning products, pump up the jams, and give your house that good old spring refresh!

More Cleaning and Organization Tips

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