Do you wonder how you will be able to save for the family vacation this year?? We are so blessed this past year a pal Gina told us about the trick that worked for her family.   She said that every week she put a dollar into a “fund”.   Then the next week she added another dollar and the week later doubled it, the week after doubled it and before she knew it she had saved up for her vacation and as the savings were incremental she didn’t “feel” it. how to save for a vacation jar While that was her system, we aren’t a cash family so it would be a hassle for me to intentionally get a random amount out from the bank each week… so we adapted it to fit our “card-dependent” life style.

How to Save Money Easily.

Every week or so when I go to the store for my mini-milk and fresh fruit/veggies or if I need a last minuet grocery item, I use my check card.   And when it asks me if I want cash back I request $20.   That $20 immediately goes to our vacation bottle. Why a bottle??   It’s really, really hard to get those twenties out after you’ve stuffed them in.   Perfect to help you see your fund grow, but not give you access to the funds. how to remove a sticky lable from a jar Twenty dollars a week adds up fast.   That’s at least 52 trips to the store… and if you add another $20 another say 10 times a year, you have saved $1240!   For our family, that’s a week at the beach with a meal out.   Maybe it won’t cover the entire trip, but the majority of it! Ready for your trip??   Use a stiff pair of scissors to cut the bottom of the bottle open and access the funds. Looking for more tips on how to save money?? We have a TON of thrifty penny pinching ideas. . Like our bottle.   We do. Remove troublesome sticky goo leftover from removing labels by spreading a layer of peanut butter over the goo.   Let it sit for about 5 minuets and then wipe off with a magic eraser.   You won’t have to scrub at all!

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  1. Hi, I put away a $5 bill every time I got one…sometimes I got two or three with the change from a $20!
    I put it in a pretzel container that I put a Disney picture in with duct tape to seal it up and a small slit in…just took it out today to book my flight to the each (we changed our minds ) with friends and I had $720…not bad for less than a years worth of saving…it’s for a girl trip! Starting another fund now again…