Design Your Own Paper Doll Pet Printable

Paper dolls need pets too, right? Today we have a design your own paper doll pet printable kit.

This printable craft kit is an add-on set that coordinates with the  Design Your Paper Doll printable that you can color and cut out yourself. 

Free printable paper dolls including a paper dog with brown fur and spots, a red and blue food bowl, a green and yellow bed, and a red and blue ball.
These free printable paper dolls include a cute little dog you can color. What a cute way to practice fine motor skills.

This kit comes with a cute little puppy you can color and play with to!

Paper Dress Up Dolls

Paper dress up dolls promote pretend play and imaginative play and are easy to take on the go.

You can get creative and design them anyway you want. Then play with them and go on imaginative adventures.

Paper dolls are so versatile and a great way to play and learn at the same time!

Design Your Own Paper Dolls

With this printable paper doll set, you can create the character and their clothes anyway you want.

The kit comes with:

  • A fuzzy little puppy illustration that you can color however you’d like. Add spots or fuzzy black fur. Is your puppy a boy or a girl? Give it a name and introduce it to your paper doll pals  so they can be friends too.
  •  A base body that you can turn into a girl or boy.
  • Short hair with spikes.
  • Long hair.
  • 4 Shirts: a sweater, a cardigan, a t-shirt, and long sleeved shirt with a scarf.
  • A pair of pants.
  • A mini skirt.
  • Dog Accessories 
Printable paper doll templates with a white base, brown short hair, long blonde hair, 4 shirts, a pair of pants, shoes, a skirt, a dog, and dog accessories.
These printable paper doll templates are great for promoting imaginative play.

Everything in this kit comes uncolored so you can design it the way you like it.

Use crayons or markers or glitter glue.

Whatever you’d like to do, you are the fashion director!

Free Printable Paper Doll Template PDF Files

Just download this free printable paper doll page, color and cut out.

Use the cut outs as is or use them as templates to create your own paper dolls from pretty pattern paper or even fabric.

Paper dolls are a fantastic DIY toy that encourage pretend play and story telling.

Use this free printable paper doll kit  to create a single set of paper doll accessories.

Or, you can print this page multiple times and color it all different ways to create a whole neighborhood of friends and their pets!

This is also a fun activity for older kids to practice their cutting skills, there’s of pieces to use with the  scissors!

This set also includes a pair of shoes, a pair of pants, 2 sweaters, 2 shirts, a scarf and two new hair styles for the doll characters.

This kit does not include a paper doll, everything is designed to fit the paper doll in the printable paper doll starter kit.

I hope you enjoy it, happy pet playing!

Download & Print This Paper Doll Set PDF Files Here:

More Paper Doll Printable Paper Crafts from Kids Activities Blog

Free printable paper doll with a paper cat, sweater, hearts, and purse, with white scissors.

I hope you have fun with this Design Your Own Paper Doll printable set. It’s a fun activity to do with friends, family and even in the classroom.

Kids can make themselves or make their whole family with this free printable paper dolls.

Have you tried one of our paper doll sets? Let us know in the comments we’d love to hear from you!


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